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Flos Carmeli  dal Sito:  The Congregation of the Apostolic Carmel
Flos Carmeli was used by the Carmelites as the sequence for the Feast of St Simon Stock, and, since 1663, for the Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel. It also appears in an ancient metrical office of Carmel as an antiphon and responsory.

Flos Carmeli, vitis florigera, splendor caeli, virgo puerpera singularis.
FLOWER of Carmel, Tall vine blossom laden; Splendor of heaven, Childbearing yet maiden. None equals thee.
Mater mitis sed viri nescia Carmelitis esto propitia stella maris.
Mother so tender, Who no man didst know, On Carmel’s children Thy favors bestow. Star of the Sea.
Radix Iesse germinans flosculum nos ad esse tecum in saeculum patiaris.
Strong stem of Jesse, Who bore one bright flower, Be ever near us And guard us each hour, who serve thee here.
Inter spinas quae crescis lilium serva puras mentes fragilium tutelaris.
Purest of lilies, That flowers among thorns, Bring help to the true heart That in weakness turns and trusts in thee.
Armatura fortis pugnantium furunt bella tende praesidium scapularis.
Strongest of armor, We trust in thy might: Under thy mantle, Hard press’d in the fight, we call to thee.
Per incerta prudens consilium per adversa iuge solatium largiaris.
Our way uncertain, Surrounded by foes, Unfailing counsel You give to those who turn to thee.
Mater dulcis Carmeli domina, plebem tuam reple laetitia qua bearis.
O gentle Mother Who in Carmel reigns, Share with your servants That gladness you gained and now enjoy.
Paradisi clavis et ianua, fac nos duci quo, Mater, gloria coronaris. Amen. (Alleluia.)
Hail, Gate of Heaven, With glory now crowned, Bring us to safety Where thy Son is found, true joy to see. Amen. (Alleluia.)

Carmelite monks sing the delightful chants you hear on this web page. When the monks sing these mystical chants of carmel, their praise makes the human soul soar. Monks who dedicate their lives to contemplation and singing the divine praises have crafted these chants and perfected their style of chant to reflect their hearts’ journeys toward God. You can buy the monks’ chant cd here.

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